Last October (2012) when he was just 13 months old Zikora’s mum Chenny noticed that Zikora wasn't his usual active self which prompted her to take him to the local surgery. Once she got there, the doctor noticed that something was seriously wrong.

The doctor asked Chenny to drive him straight to A&E but from seeing that she was already hysterical from dramatic events before her, he called the ambulance which took them both to Newham general hospital. It was during trying to figure out what was wrong with Zikora from numerous tests that he suffered a cardiac arrest. The hospital then contacted GOSH and transported him by CATS ambulance and placed him straight on life support machine. All this happened on the same day.

At Great Ormond Street Hospital a biopsy revealed that Zikora’s heart had contracted a virus which had caused a condition called Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle).

Doctors were concerned that the heart would eventually fail. As a consequence Zikora was put on to the hospital’s ECMO machine (heart and respiratory function). Eventually Zikora was put onto a Berlin Heart (artificial heart) and put on the heart transplant list.

At this point Zikora’s family thought the very worst as mum Chenny explains “we felt like we were literally living by the minute”.

After months at Great Ormond Street Hospital Zikora recovered and eventually did not need a new heart leaving the hospital on Christmas Eve. Now two years old Zikora will be able to spend this Christmas at home in Hertfordshire with his family.