A brick session is when you go from one discipline to the next as quickly as possible, most commonly a bike ride then a run. Get fitter and prepare yourself for the race by training in all three disciplines and building up your cardiovascular exercise routine – essential for endurance sports like triathlons. Be sure to practice brick and transitions – which help you get good at switching between disciplines.

Set up your run kit before you start your ride. Once your ride is completed, change as quickly as you can into your run kit and head out for your run. Repeat this session once a month aiming to do it a bit quicker each time.


In a triathlon you have two transitions often called T1 and T2, this is where you change from one discipline to the next. The transitions are often over looked especially by people doing their first triathlon and consequently lots of time is lost. With a good transition you can move efficiently from one discipline to the next with no time wasted.



This is where you leave your bike and race equipment and where you change from swim to bike and from bike to run. You will be allocated space in the transition area by race number and this corresponds to your location in transition.


With so many bikes in the transition area it’s very easy to forget where your bike and racking position is, therefore follow the 4 pre-race steps below to find your bike and transition spot easily.

  1. Rack your bike in your allocated wave area and place your race equipment next to your bike
  2. Find out where you enter the transition area after the swim
  3. Find out where you exit transition before starting the bike ride
  4. Find out where you exit transition before starting the run

Hampstead Triathlon Club runs transition training sessions at the inner circle of Regents Park. We practice all things to do with transition including mounting and dismounting your bike; transition rules; transition set up; transition navigation; and transition tips.

The session is then followed by a 45 min race simulated workout of cycling and running. This involves running 1 lap (1k), followed by cycling 3 laps (3k), and is then repeated. These sessions have been very popular and are a great fun way to help you prepare for race day! To join a session, email [email protected]