Daniel Bingham from the Hampstead Triathlon Club shares a few training tips with our Junior triathletes:

  1. Join a local Triathlon Club with a junior section. (Hampstead Triathlon Club has Junior section)
  2. Practice your transitions! How fast can you put on your cycling helmet? How fast can you put on your running shoes?
  3. Get your bike serviced so that it is ready for race day.
  4. Practice running after doing a short bike ride.
  5. Work on your swimming, Cycling and running technique.
  6. Go swimming, cycling and running with your parents.
  7. Go swimming, cycling with your friends.
  8. Eat lots of vegetables, salads and fruit so you stay healthy and strong for training.
  9. Drink water before, during and after your training sessions.
  10. Practice swimming in your wetsuit.
  11. Get plenty of sleep so you have lots of energy for training and racing. 

Have fun in your training and racing and enjoy the fantastic sport of Triathlon!