Running is one of the most challenging parts of the race even for the most experienced triathlete and those with a running background. The simple reason for this is that you are running on tired legs. Your legs will feel heavy and wobbly at the start of the run (due to having completed your swim and bike) but after 5-10 minutes your muscles will adjust and you will be into your running stride. A great way to prepare for the run in a triathlon is to do brick sessions. 

Looking for our triathlon training plan? Hit this link to download as a PDF and get a weekly schedule for your run, bike and swim training -


Before you start your training make sure that you will be running in a suitable pair of running shoes that are comfortable and give you support where you need it. Don’t run in old worn out running shoes, they will offer you no cushioning or support and this will lead to injuries. I recommend wearing a running sock as this will minimise the risk of blisters, enable your feet to breathe and make running much more comfortable.


Gradually build up the distance of your runs at a comfortable pace until you can cover the race distance plus 35%. When you get to this point you can start adding some intervals into your running sessions e.g. try a warm up of 8-10mins, then 2 minutes at a faster pace, followed by 1 min at a slower pace – repeat 5 times.

You can also practice hill intervals, after a 8-10min warm up, find a good hill and run up it at a fast pace for 30-45 seconds and have a slow run or walk back down – repeat 5 times, aim to run 2-3 times a week.


Get a Triathlon coach to have a look at your running technique, there are lots of areas to work on that can increase you efficiency and speed, a good technique point is to keep your upper body relaxed with your head up and look forward, try on your next run!